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Why South Bay

Transparent Pricing

Our competitive pricing will always include everything needed for a dignified cremation. Pricing breakdown: Funeral Director: $199, Transportation: $150, Refrigeration: $150, Witness Cremation Process: $300, Urn: $150, State Permit: $12, Death Certificate: $21, DCA fee: $8.50, State and Local Tax: $4.50. We are proud to make special considerations for our nation’s veterans, civil servants and families of hospice.

Simplified Process

Let our funeral directors and well-trained staff guide you during this difficult time. Everything needed for a dignified cremation is included, and under one roof. A caring parent, a livelong friend… every life tells a story. Our staff is here to help you share that story in a unique and appropriate way. We are in business to serve the bereaved from start to finish, so that you can focus on what really matters, like family.


Privacy Guarantee

Our site and staff are set up to keep your information private. We treat personal and payment information with the utmost confidentiality. Our Begin Arrangements page uses a secure, encrypted connection from your computer to our payment system, protecting your sensitive information with an SSL certificate.

No Hassle Guarantee

Our funeral directors and staff are focused on providing the best customer service to everyone involved. We do not want you to bother with expensive “add-ons” or a sales pitch for “upgrades”. We offer premium services (Witness Standby, Biodegradable Urn, etc) and we don’t need to charge additional fees.

Direct Witness

Direct Cremation means your loved one is brought into our care, cremated, and returned to you without service, ceremony or other rites. When it comes to direct cremations in San Diego, there are not many places you can go, unless you go to high cost corporate facilities. Witness Cremation or I.D. Viewing is available locally at our facility, giving you and your family that extra comfort and security that maybe needed for peace of mind at no extra cost.

No Out-Sourcing

Many independent, local funeral homes in San Diego county “outsource” or “third party” their cremations, meaning, they use another company, usually 1 to 2 hours away for cremation service, and having the remains returned or picked up in 1 to 2 weeks. Since our crematorium is onsite, your family will not be forced to travel to another location, sometimes even outside the county. You will always come to the same place, meet the same people, and appreciate that we know you and your loved one by name.

All Inclusive
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When Loved One Passes

Call the Authorities

If Death has occurred outside of Hospice or Hospital, call 911 to report the passing. A Medical Examiner (or Coroner) will need to officially pronounce the death.

Call South Bay Cremations Immediately

South Bay Cremation’s Funeral Directors will arrange transportation of your loved one to one of our local facilities with no obligation. For immediate assistance, call: (858) 252-6333


Notify Family and Friends

Notify family and close friends, or delegate someone to handle personal affairs such as: care for minor children, pets, or other dependents. Notify your loved one’s Employer and ask about payment due or benefits.

Necessary Legal Steps

Contact Power of Attorney or family member in possession of the will along with other pre-planned / pre-paid arrangements. For a helpful list of legal and financial documents to finalize after a passing, download our checklist: (ThingsToRemember.pdf)

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